The toothless attack.

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5/11 What a day.  

There are some days which keep you happy all the time and there are other ones like this. I had a severe tooth ache yesterday night and that spoilt my sleep and I was crazy enough to watch TV at 3 AM in the morning. The next day was a Sunday and I began the dentist hunt early in the morning. Found 4 to 5 of them, but none were operational on Sundays. Moral of the story: Never get yourself ill on a Sunday. Its hell.

Frustrated, I went to office only to find that the pain kept on increasing every second. Finally I stormed in to one of the premier hospitals in
Bangalore to get my tooth fixed.

All started efficiently. Met the doctor in 15 mins and I was looking for some pain killer. The doctors did justice to the equipments they had bought and stacked that they fixed whatever was visible in to my mouth. With some millimeters of gap I could mumble something. In 2 mins they diagnosed some treatment which cost around 8K and asked me if I want to proceed, as if I had an option. For the exorbitant pain I had been facing, money seemed immaterial at that point. Also with the state of my mouth stuffed with all the instruments even if I had said a no, it would have sounded like a Yes. They started the process asking me open my mouth wider and wider at one point of time I had doubt if they were planning to jump in to it and treat. Also as if some exhibition was going on, I was the center of attraction for 4 people who were really pushing each other to have a glimpse of the damage inside my most active part, my mouth.

I was told that the damage was more serious than an average case. During the course of the treatment, I could see a few needles being inserted in to the mouth, but never felt like they were retrieved. Still am under the illusion that they are inside safe and fine.

The doctor was trying to tear my mouth apart with her 10 fingers (a constraint). She was asking for something or the other to the assistant and I hope he heard them properly for I was sure they spoke different languages. Suddenly she spurt out a word ‘Miracle’, and I was euphoric. I have seen and heard in movies ‘It’s a medical miracle” when a hero who is broken to 100 pieces is given up by all doctors, suddenly gets alright and they state ‘Wow. It’s a medical miracle’. Soon my euphoria ended as it was just a name of a solution and there was no miracle and I was not a hero.

As if such a treatment wasn’t enough, they also supplemented this with removal of my wisdom tooth. As my wisdom (tooth) was deep rooted, they had to break it in to two and remove it. As if it’s a souvenir they triumphantly showed it to me after removal. It would not have mattered. I would have believed as I knew that there was a gap at that place. With loads of anesthesia at that place it was as if my left chin had grown twice as big.

After the removal, they got tired and I was spared. In this time I had to spare a good lunch invitation from my senior and my friends who attended that said I missed that. Ya.. I missed my tooth and something which it must have chewed.


Life of a software engineer.

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This blog is my personal opinion.

IT industry is indeed a boon to the job-seekers in India.  It pays you well and if you are moderately lucky you will end up doing no work, but earning handful.  The IT companies have created a compensation trend that other industries are finding tough to adapt to.  Today it is like ‘If you wanna lead a comfortable life with no physical strain- get in to any software company’.

Work profile of a developer. He lands up in training which is of no relevance to him (atleast to his understanding- Its just a formality) and after that gets on to work. His life depends on the project and the manager. In the same company we see people free-riding to the core and on the other hand some poor ones slogging their stuff out.  Bottom line – Workload does not depend on the company.  The former gets closer with the team by going to as many treats as possible. Birthdays, engagement treats, appraisal treats,  once there was a ‘India wins cricket match’ treat (though nowadays we dont get a chance to have one such) and there we spend 2.5 hours from 12 to 2:30. Come back and you feel like sleeping like a crocodile. If the company also provides a dormitory- no problem. Else adjust to the inconvineance in the seat and sleep. Wake your PL up before 5, as she has to go home and you – answer the mails and get ready. Its already too late by 6.  In some companies,my friends used to go for a movie show at 10 AM on a monday morning. This is the life of a free rider.

Now to the life of a slogger. After the training – you are told about the project and your work with much hype. You dont get complete information from one person. You need to gather it in bits and pieces from many people.  Suddenly when u go for doubts people become extremely busy or atleast they want to become busy.  Finally you set your foot in the project and get on with the work. There will be an age old framework for the project and it is sacrosanct and iron clad. You talk for hrs together about an alternative- but hear the response. ‘It works till date. No risk.  Follow the herd’. OK ! no probs.

Come in the morning. If you are a good planner, list the To-do activities. See the problem and fit it in the framework you know. If you cant fit – change the problem. But framework must be same. Not an inch deviation is advisable. Keep informing your PL about your progress. Even if you send the same mail again it does not matter. You must recognise him/her. thats it. If you have your client who can reach you in your mobile, your happiness is screwed. He will call u when you are in rest room or when u r in bed or when you are driving. If the time is 9 PM, he will ask why are you leaving early. Are u not feeling well? ‘Customers are Gods’. So curse the real god and say ‘Ya. am a bit hungry 😦 ‘

Whats appaling is – the room for creativity and willingness to change is not there in many companies.  If you are a master in something. its sign of a problem. Its time to shift to something you are not good at. What this life does is that it saps your creative thinking.  You are comfortable in the “comfort-zone” and are happy with what you are.  Where is it leading us ?  nowhere !

Movie mania – pushing me to movie phobia

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2 movies in the past 3 days.  both night shows- in bangalore.  First one was Vallavan, Tamil flick. an out and out nonsense movie that seemed like running for days together in that one show. While some movies of the tamil cinema are rising the standards theres always movies like this one to balance it out.  But i admire the courage of the producer to dish out such a movie hoping the technical excellence in the movie alone would see the movie through as a hit. Not if audience are sensible. Recollection gives me a headache – not to talk about the movie. Some shades of good music in the movie is the only repreive you get.  I made a horrible decision to sponsor a couple of my friends for the movie too.  All that backfired and i lost the sleep for one more day.

The next one was Don – the sharukh chase.  After you watch such a disastrous movie like the simbhu flick earlier, any normal movie seems to be great and thats what happened with Don. I came out happy satisfied that the moey i had spent had its value. Technically excellent movie. May have failed to recreate the magic created by Amitabh and Co.  but for people who have missed the original Don movie. its a “must watch”. 

Now am scared to risk another movie for i cant take one more vallavan – censor board must be screwed to let the movie pass through. It can only be put under a U(nwatchable) category !

Anti Money Laundering.

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Dont get scared people.  This is just to attract the attention of Mr.Kamalakannan – my co-intern. He has not left a single webpage untouched which talks, smells or even thinks about this AML. Only way to make him read my blog is using that topic. Its of course greek and latin to me.

Now to the actual story. Kamal is a real good boy. When neha changed the look and feel of her blog and asked us to get back on the theme she had used, our gy returned with a 200 words write up about the central theme of her blogs, which she herself had not figured out.

He loves putting theory to practice that in this project he wants to employ and exhaust all the topics he has learnt so far in his MBA.  The guides are running in search of work for him and are tired and have reportedly taken a break with their cell phones switched off.

His work has been so extensive that even Google Inc. have stopped searching for webpages across the world – rather gives Kamal some assignment and searches them from his PC.  If at all there ‘s something in AML that you dont know kamal.. you wont get it from my blog for sure.. 🙂 bye dear

Co -interns :-)

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Now from the past to the present.

In a roller coaster ride for an year, there has been a “reprieve” in the form of internship.  Three of us are here at Covansys and i’ve indeed enjoyed a lot so far. Just as my Internship at Veritas, work is not taking a toll on me and this time i have resorted to blogging. (It was Jai Yahoo messenger last time)

I had not got a chance to be with Mr. Perfect (our kamalakannan)  in Great Lakes.. but Neha – sometimes. Now about the two so far..

Kamal – He’s like Dravid in cricket. Hard work and real sincerity. and also a captain of this small gang. Very very silent and we used to kid he’s a misfit in our generation. Thorough inspiration for others, he gets hunger quite often, Most of the times for work and just during 12:15 – for food.  The first day was at conference room and while me and neha were fighting for the only PC available there, he had a business world at his hand. Business was his world then. He must have gone through it more number of times  than the editor of the magazine.  It takes our jokes sometime to sink in for him, but he has seemed to improve ever since i met him here.  He’s 4 years elder to me and behaves like 40. Still i love his company. A perfect partner for projects :-)) unless he is a competitor.

Now about one of the most interesting characters i have met so far. Neha.  In sincerity she is miss.kamalakannan. Both of them read so much that they give me qualms sometimes. Once i got frustrated and relinquished my co-internhip status with them. She can design a single document for 6 hrs together and is indeed close to perfection at work. But what makes me wonder is the way she manages to be good in everything she does. This includes bullying me too.  One thing that stands out of this is making Lemon tea. She prepares it in such a way that I lost my interest in lemon tea forever.  She claims to have done it with aplomb but I have noticed her face yuck-king while she tastes it. But still. an amazing company. Will keep u in smiles atleast in blushes. Does some crazy things like blackmailing the security, pulling the emergency alarm and making the entire place go in berserk or making her Lemon tea – still its all fun :-). Its been a good 10 days for me.  will get lots to write about them in due course and i bet, there will be a counter attack on her blog too for this !

Best time in my life – Relevant to our Pune gang..

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It was Jan 6,2004  as me and my friends were sitting in the lobby of the then Veritas Corporation.  It was for our internship for 6 months.  Now when i think we had the best possible company in us.  6 months spent there made us long for such times in life.  Without a mention about that life and the people there, this blog would be incomplete.

Ponam – stands for cadaver in tamil.  Kaushik is absolutely funny and absolutely dirty . He gets up at 10 AM in the morning to attend the 9:30 AM office and insists in us waiting for him.  He can pull anybody’s leg anytime and with such talent you are looking at someone who is acutely dangerous.

Abhijit – Deshpande The only non-tamil in the group.  Can appear in the guiness book of records for his fastest hindi-marathi speech.  Learnt tamil just to understand what we talk when we pull him down with pure tamil talks. A wonderful person to be with – for he tolerates even Ponam.

Rago – Rajagopal Mr.Perfect. Atleast he thinks to be so.  Not much of an extrovert. Any parent’s dream child. But seemed a generation before we people in the gang. Jokes apart, we spoiled him too 🙂

Officer – Appearences are deceptive. He looks a thorough professional, but seldom acts so. Karthik  was the most similar chap to my kind.  Equally funny. Equally crazy.  It was fun ! 🙂

Now to the girls. atleast on books

Manjari – Our mother in the group. A year senior to us, but behaves atleast 10 years junior kinds.  So tender at heart that sometimes we think twice before making her cry. We may think twice, but we do make her cry often

Rekha – The big boss. U need to be extremely talented to identify that she is from the fairer sex.  Initially seemed a person with whom i would not even talk, given her reserved demeanor. Finally ended up talking to her the most. A very very bubbly, smart gal. We shared a lot of common interests.  The competition between me and her was in the obesity and she claims to be thinner. God forbid.

 Vidhya – Most cheerful member of our gang. most childish member and was the sweetheart of many 😉 .  Was responsible for us having a good time at that place and also responsible for me not making a job in Veritas :-)). A damn good company whom we must NOT miss.

and finally me.

We had amazing times. Trips. Work at times.. dinners… The India Pak matches at Pak. Enthusiasm was contagious and we indeed freaked life out that time. 🙂

Battle with uninvited guests..

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Now on to a night scene. It was 1 AM. I was sleeping and my cousin and Anil had spotted a toad which looked disgusting.  The boldest of the inmates ( me ) was woken and assigned a task of expelling that little shithead. In a hibernation mode, i set out to the task.

I poured buckets of water but It was enjoying a cool bath and what I can I do – just cursing my fate of bathing a frog early morning. I had not even stared at a girl this intently for this long a time. I think it’s a cross between a lizard and frog. It climbs the damn wall like a stupid lizard and jumps like the Olympic medal winner, 6-8 feet easily in one go. Srivats and Anil presumed its from dinosaur family hence their only contribution is providing me with buckets of water and standing a km away from the spot.

After a futile exercise that lasted for 90 mins, i gave up as the toad got cleaner and healthier. It gave me a sardonic smile and gratefully bade a good bye and disappeared in to the rest room, which i bolted. I slept later only to witness the same creature in my dreams and i was truly “haunted”.

The next day puntualy by 1 AM it revisited us and guess what, my room mates were ready with the buckets. I got pissed off and went with a mug and somehow managed to trap that inside the same.  I was euphoric of the acheivement and till we relocated to a different place, we didnt dare to open the mug.

Though it was small, it succeeded in driving 3 managers out of the house.  Size does not matter.  But this incident was in retrospect, a funny one to recount.

‘Start’ is something thats always eluding.

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Long long ago.. I had thought of starting my own blog to pen down my thoughts.. Being a lazy bum i never took the first step.  Why now,then ? uh.. no reason exactly. But may be i dont have better things to do in my life at this point in time.

About me.  Above average in acads. Extrovert in mannerism…. a music freak.. enjoys companionship..  have lots of friends.. enjoys small things in life to live life BIG.

What am i gonna write about ? undecided till this point..  may be i’ll start writing about some sentimental stuff.  – Its about a bachelor’s home at Chennai and I was living in it for sometime.  We picked up that den because of the emergency in attending classes in the institute which teaches me ‘management’ and this place was very close to the college.  We were referred by our seniors, whom in retrospect we thought had a lifelong grudge on us. Now about the inmates. Me + my cousin who can tolerate everything except bad smell, shortage of space, uninvited guests(reptiles and other creatures sans homosapiens), lack of air and some other 100 factors + Anil who is fit only to be living in an incubator.  My laziness has been one factor which makes me take some things easy (thought i repent for it in some cases, and forget and continue to be lazy). My cousin was terrifically enthused to find a house too close that we booked the house scrambling for advance money within 60 minutes.  The house owner didnt appear hostile at first sight, and we had to sign some documents for getting in to the house. As usual we didnt read those stuff and we suspect that would be a disclaimer about the house and the life it offers.

From the day we stepped int he house, my cousin didnt find anything good about the house and even i faced the same problem. a 550 square feet house  was divided in to 3 rooms and a hall with a couple of rest rooms.  Also the architecture was so funny that the motive of that structure was to create discomfort at every inch in the house. That house was not fit for walking, lying down and sitting for humans.  We had another room mate who was working as an IT professional who showed me how good i was relatively. No offense intended, but If i categorize myself as lazy he is inert.  His room was a godown and last time it was cleaned was immedietly after it was built. Even rodents used to fear getting in to the room given its stench. and of course they had alternatives. Our rooms. Those creatures would have run over our books more times than we did.  It was literally a nightmare of a life living with reptiles and the bigger animal in the form of a roommate.

About an incident at place……… oof.. this blog is getting big. Catch this part in the next part. thats a supposedly funny part. 🙂 If u came till this point. You can risk reading my blogs further !

Hello world!

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